My development only depends on what I choose and what I reject in life.
The seeds of my future life are in me.
Liv Ullman


Horyzonty is a private practice offering psychotherapy to individuals in emotional distress. We practice in Polish and English.

We understand that some inner problems become too overwhelming to be dealt with alone and it is necessary to ask a specialist for help. We offer the increasingly popular (in Poland and worldwide) Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), an efficient form of psychodynamic psychotherapy aimed at patients who value their time and are ready to actively work with a therapist in order to better understand themselves or put a term to their distress.
Horyzonty (Polish for horizons) is a word that reflects our vision. These are opportunities, paths, destinies. We can all put a term to our pain and make our future a better place.

Hands offer immediate and efficient help, enabling our patients to implement real and long-term changes in their lives
Smiling girl work together to mobilize our patients's self-creative capacity to act to make their dreams come true
Father with child  treat our patients with the utmost respect and understanding, offering them professional support in a friendly atmosphere.

Martyna Goryniak, PhD, Anna Dawidziuk-Łęczycka

Our mission is to help our patients build close relationships and pursue their dreams. A good and authentic relationship with oneself is crucial to begin with. It means looking at our lives through our eyes and separating our expectations and desires from those of other people. We truly believe that the distress patients experience is caused by perturbations in this area. Only upon having a good relationship with oneself can we proceed to build happy relationships with others.
We, therapists, do our best to help our patients reach that goal.
Empathy, truth, love, and freedom are the four pillars of our work, each playing a key role in the therapeutic relationship and in all the relationships of our patients. We hope to see them embrace these four values.


Little boy EMPATHY

The therapeutic relationship is based on empathy towards the patient's pain, i.e. on a true effort to understand their point of view and to help them replace each and every non-adaptive and destructive behaviour with a healthy and constructive one. To see patients grow internally and explore their potential.

Men's face TRUTH 

We understand that therapy requires courage and determination in order to face difficult and often painful emotions that we learnt to avoid.
We most often suffer because we do not want to see the truth. Acknowledging the reality without embellishing it is the biggest freedom. Truth liberates us from pain.

Happy couple in park LOVE

'Psychotherapy is healing through love' (N. McWilliams). Love is not seen here as a romantic feeling, but as an attitude where we care about the well-being of others (caritas). We form an alliance to be able to work together to help the patient get back or learn the ability to love and to commit.

Bird - liberty LIBERTY 

Freedom is one of the main challenges of each and every one of us and we want our patients to want to fight for their dreams. We want to walk them through that process and give them the necessary courage. Making patients conscient of their responsibilities, not only towards the others but also above all towards themselves, and to making them fight for themselves are the most important goals of every therapist.

Guided by the well-being of our patients, we strictly abide by all the ethical norms of the Professional Code of Ethics of the Polish Psychological Association ( and of the Therapist Code of Ethics of the Polish Psychiatric Society (

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