What we do can create a beautiful life full of meaning
or a desperate life full of suffering
Jon Frederickson

People change when they are ready to take responibility for their life,
their decision, their behaviour. They just decide to become different.
Jeffrey Kottler

The only strenght life demands from you is the one you already have.
There is only one feat: not escape.
Dag Hammarskjold

If you don't love, your life will pass you by unnoticed
Terrence Malick

My development only depends on what I choose and what I reject in life.
The seeds of my future life are in me.
Liv Ullman

I hope to understand other people, other languages, other sorrows
Zbigniew Herbert

Classical Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

INDIVIDUAL PSYCHODYNAMIC PSYCHOTHERAPY - regular therapy, most often on a weekly basis, starting with a pre-definition of the problem, followed by an agreement with the patient on what is to be achieved. It aims at minimising the symptoms (mainly of depression, anxiety or vegetative symptoms) and understanding the nature of the problem, which may lead to changes. Therapy duration depends on the nature of the problem and may take from a dozen meetings up to a year (short-term therapy). In certain cases, the therapist may suggest long-term treatment which may last from one year to a couple of years. Duration of each session: 50 min.

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